Message In A Bottle

I will say straight-up that I have never been a Nicholas Sparks fan.  I think his books are terrible and the only thing that redeems him are some of his movies (The Notebook, anyone?).  When someone else gets to put their spin on his books, they get better.

As I alluded earlier, I’m a sucker for The Notebook and A Walk To Remember.  Those are my two favorite movies based off his books.

I decided to watch Message In A Bottle because of the leads.  Robin Wright Penn is amazing in The Princess Bride and, although I don’t watch many of his movies, I think Kevin Costner is a respectable actor.  He can make me believe whatever he wants me to.  So, with two actors I was willing to believe, I went for it.

It was good.  I won’t say it was amazing, but it’s one of those I will probably watch again sometime.  I guess what makes the story is what I didn’t like so much.  Kevin Costner plays Garret Blake, a man who lost his wife two years previously.  He hasn’t moved any of her things because it’s his way of keeping her alive.  Theresa (Penn) sets out to find him once she finds one of the messages he’s written to his wife in a bottle on the shore.  Do I need to say that they are captivated by each other and fall in love?  That’s pretty much a given, right?

It was cute.  I felt their pain.  That’s about all I can say about it.


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