Love is a force you can’t control.

I found this movie on Netflix (seriously, can I get paid for this kind of PR?) and, I admit, I was mostly interested in it because it stars Jesse McCartney.  No, I never listened to any of his music, but I recognized the name and it looked like good fun.

Natalie is a 17 year old who has her whole life figured out.  She’s dating a popular boy, going to get a scholarship to go to Duke playing tennis, and is part of nearly every club in school.  Everything was going great until she met Keith.  Suddenly, she’s pulled into his world where nothing is planned and everything is pointless.  But the more she gets to know him, the more she knows he’s hiding something from her.

This reminds me so much of another movie that’s one of my personal favorites, but I can’t say it for fear of giving away the ending to this movie!  I mean, this is an indie that probably few people have ever heard of.  I’m not spoiling it.

Personally, I thought the acting was amazing.  Jesse actually pulls of an incredibly believable character who is snarky, spiteful, and yet soft (yay alliteration!).  And Elisabeth Hanois, wow.  She made Natalie more than just a smart girl with plans.  She made Natalie someone you wanted to befriend and help.  She was so believable.  I loved watching the two of them spar with each other.  And there were even a couple of scenes I want to add to my list of “Favorite Scenes Ever” (hmm…may have to post that here someday…).

Anyway, there was little I could find wrong with this movie (Jennifer Grey’s even in it!), but there’s something about it that I just didn’t quite love, you know?  I can’t put my finger on what exactly.  It’s still amazing, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not worthy of my 5 roses.


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