Perfect You

First Lines: Vitamins had ruined my life.  Not that there was much left to ruin, but still.  I know blaming vitamins for my horrible life sounds strange.  After all, vitamins are supposed to keep people healthy.  Also, they’re inanimate objects.  But thanks to them I was stuck in the Jackson Center Mall watching my father run around in a bee costume.

Wow.  That was a long quote, but I think it’s so awesome that there was such a killer punchline right off.  I love it.

I also love Elizabeth Scott.  She writes as if she’s a teenager herself, getting right to the root of problems and exactly what teens react to.  It’s like she’s my best friend, writing about her life so I can read it.

Kate’s life hasn’t been great since her dad quit his job to sell vitamins in the mall.  Vitamins no one wants, she might add.  Not only that, but her best friend won’t talk to her and her 23 year old brother is crashing on the couch.  Oh, and popular boy Will, who’s hooked up with half the school, has taken a sudden interest in Kate.  He just wants a fling…doesn’t he?

Kate was one of those lead characters that was just unlikeable.  She was all “worst-case scenario” about everything (not that I’m not at times too), but she took it to an extreme, I feel.  I admit, her life sucks.  But did that really give her cause to whine about everything?

Will, on the other hand, was very sweet.  I couldn’t blame him for snapping at Kate sometimes because she totally deserved it.  He really made the story more bearable.  I loved the banter between him and Kate.  So caustic.


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