Top 15 Most Romantic Movies (15-11)

Romantic movies.  Every girl I’ve ever met loves them.  I’m a particular sap for love stories, especially the ones that make me cry every time I watch them.  So, since I had nothing to do today, I compiled a list of 42 movies that I love and rated them on their level of romance.  I judged them in five categories:

~the man’s love for the woman

~the woman’s love for the man

~the “grand gesture” to show their love

~what kind of hardships they had to overcome

~their compatibility.

From that, I received a number that I’m using to compare them.  For the most part, I really don’t think are too many surprises, but there are some lesser known movies that have made it quite high on my list.  Enjoy numbers 15-11!  The rest of the list will be out later this week, so keep checking back!

15. Lady Jane (1986)

Lead Actors: Helena Bonham Carter, Cary Elwes

The Story: This was pretty much the break-out role for both actors, who went on to have amazing careers (Helena is Bellatrix from Harry Potter, Cary was Westley in The Princess Bride).  The story is a true one.  Lady Jane was queen for 9 days, married to the son of a political advisor who wanted power.

What Makes Them Amazing: Besides the fact that it’s Cary Elwes (drool), his character, Guilford, is quite devoted to Jane, even though it began as an arranged marriage and he was not husband material.  He doesn’t seek the power she has, much to his father’s dismay, because he adores her.  Jane sees Guilford as her best friend, the first person she turns to when she has no idea what to do.  He holds her together.

Rated: 39.9/50

14. Just Like Heaven (2005)

Lead Actors: Reese Witherspoon, Mark Ruffalo

The Story: Elizabeth is a work-aholic doctor who doesn’t have time for love.  On the way to a blind date, her car is hit and she’s in a coma.  David moves into her old apartment, only to find she hasn’t quite left…

What Makes Them Amazing: Again, I’m drooling over the lead guy, who is an absolutely sweetie and always seems to have a heart of gold.  David isn’t always the most likable character, but his love for Elizabeth is strong enough to drive him to do some crazy things.  Elizabeth has a hard time showing how much she cares, but there are signs.  This got as high as it did because of the hardships they overcome and the measures David goes to for her.

Rated: 40/50

13. When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Lead Actors: Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan

The Story: Harry and Sally have been running into each other occasionally since college.  After both of them are rejected by their lovers, they decide to be friends.  However, friends don’t always stay just friends…

What Makes Them Amazing: It’s so simple, it’s genius.  What happens when friends fall for each other?  There aren’t too terribly many movies that cover it the way this one does.  Sally’s slightly neurotic with some crazy habits and Harry’s a cynic who’s glass is always empty.  I loved how you can see exactly how they fall for each other, what leads up to it.  You see the signs way before they do.  It’s a love story everyone can relate to.

Rated: 40.4/50

12. 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

Lead Actors: Julia Stiles, Heath Ledger

The Story: Bianca wants to date.  Badly.  But she can’t until Kat does.  And Kat won’t date.  So Cameron, who likes Bianca, makes a deal with bad-boy Patrick to take Kat out on a few dates so Bianca can go out.

What Makes Them Amazing: No romance movie list would be complete without this classic.  They’re snarky.  They fight.  And yet, there’s something that keeps drawing Kat back to Pat.  I love the attitude Kat has and the way she’s her own person.  Also, I loved watching Pat change from the bad-boy to a sweetie when Kat’s around.

Rated: 41.2/50

11. Moulin Rouge! (2001)

Lead Actors: Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor

The Story: Christian wants to write, but he feels like he has nothing to write about until he’s been in love.  His new friends think he’s should write their new musical, but they need Satine’s help. Satine’s a dancer at the Moulin Rouge with a lot of influence over her boss because she brings in the most money.  …This description sounds really corny, but I swear it’s awesome.

What Makes It Awesome: Christian’s never been in love before, so everything he feels is fresh.  He doesn’t have old wounds, so he’s very exuberant about it all.  Satine’s job is to pretend to be in love with every man who walks into the Moulin Rouge.  She knows there’s more to love than just the joy of being with someone else.  Also, there’s some pretty killer music in this, since it’s sort of a musical.

Rated: 41.3/50

That’s it for tonight!  I should have the next five up sometime on Tuesday if not before.  Also, I’d love feedback, whether you agree or disagree with my choices or have more suggestions.  Thanks!

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