She Walks In Beauty

First Lines: “Get dressed, Clara.  In your visiting costume.  We are going out.”  My aunt’s words were at once both commanding and precise–as precise as her posture: a series of ninety-degree angles, seated upon one of my bedroom chairs.  She was perpendicular in the extreme.

I think I got this free for my Kindle, which is always nice.  I’d read something by Siri Mitchell before and while I wasn’t extremely impressed, I was willing to give her another chance.

With She Walks In Beauty, she won me over.  It’s such a complicated story.  But I should probably tell you a little about it, shouldn’t I?

The year is 1898.  Clara Carter is 17 years old and about to debut in New York society, though she really doesn’t want to.  The only reason she is debuting this season instead of the next (like had been the plan) is so she could win the heart of Franklin De Vries, heir to a massive fortune.  It’s harder than she thought it would be, with Lizzie (her best friend) being her biggest rival and Franklin’s younger brother Harry always being around.

There were so many things about it that made it more unique than a normal Victorian era novel.  For starters, it’s set in New York.  And it touched on a lot of history and political issues.  That was so cool.  Also, there were amazing subplots and interesting tidbits throughout the whole thing about society and fashion.

I loved Clara’s spunk.  It didn’t show often, but when she put her mind to something, boy did she ever!  She was just an amazing female protagonist.  And when I feel what the characters feel (every single emotion), then you know you have me invested in the story.  Lovely.

 Belle’s Rank: 5 Roses


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