Scooby Doo and the Witch’s Ghost

I’m reviewing this more for nostalgic purposes than anything else.  I went over to my boyfriend’s house yesterday for Memorial Day and he has a ton of Scooby movies.  This was one of my favorites as a kid (behind Zombie Island and maybe one other one).

This was one I used to watch all the time because the bad guy was actually kinda real (depending on how you define that).  It wasn’t as real as Zombie Island, but Ben Ravencroft was pretty evil and he totally resurrected a nasty ghost.  That’s some heavy duty stuff.

Watching it back, I alternately wonder how Velma figured it out and how some of the clues could be that obvious and no one notice.  There was really no evidence that some of the people were involved in the scheme besides the fact that they acted a little odd.  So how did Velma do it?  We’ll never know.

I love the music in the one.  The Hex Girls are awesome.  I think that’s all that most people probably remember from it.  When I saw this one the shelf, I started mentally singing “Earth, Wind, Fire, and Air”, which was the last song they sang before the movie ended.  It’s funny, I hadn’t seen this movie in years (and I mean YEARS.  I had it on VHS and we don’t have it anymore, I don’t think) and I could still at the very least sing along with the choruses.  It was funny and slightly disturbing.  Apparently I knew it better than I thought I did.

The jokes in this, I was surprised, are still pretty fresh.  It’s been 12 years since it came out and they were still totally funny.  You have your “Scooby and Shaggy eat someone out of house and home” jokes that never get old, your more physical comedy, and those more timeless jokes.  For example, there’s one where Shaggy tries to melt the witch by throwing water on her a la Wizard of Oz.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, you probably know exactly what the reference is.  And that is what makes Scooby Doo so timeless.


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