Taking 5

Taking 5 is a movie I’ve seen only once before on ABC Family (where I find a number of movies I really enjoy).  When I saw this on Netflix, I knew I had to see it again.

Devon and Gabby are best friends who, unfortunately, get on the wrong side of the school’s Queen Bee.  The only way to socially redeem themselves is to get 5 Leo Rise to play for their school.  When 5LR won’t listen to their plea, they’re forced to the extreme: kidnapping.

Admittedly, it’s a corny premise.  Two girls and a couple of their friends pull off a kidnapping of a highly popular band with little consequences?  Where’s security when this goes down?  Stuff like that makes you wonder how it worked.

However, I will say that there’s a teeny bit of nostalgia in it for me (no, I have never kidnapped a boy band).  I grew up when everyone was asking “*NSYNC or Backstreet Boys?”  (I love *NSYNC, by the way.)  So seeing a rough equivocation of a boy band back again–and hearing some of their music–brought me back to my “No Strings Attached” days.  And the one song you keep hearing in the movie, “Kidnap My Heart”, really is an excellent song.

But OK.  Let’s get real now.  The plot’s corny.  I’m still not sure how it works.  Devon’s not exactly likable either.  But it’s funny.  There are scenes that really do make you laugh out loud.  It’s still a fun movie and there are some lessons to be learned from it.  I just wish it wasn’t so corny.

Check out the guys from 5 Leo Rise.  I think Ritchie and Mason are the cutest, but I can’t deny the others have good looks either.  (If they look familiar, they’re an actual band.  The Click Five.)



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