What Happened To Goodbye

First Lines: The table was sticky, there was a cloudy smudge on my water glass, and we’d been seated for ten minutes with no sign of a waitress.  Still, I knew what my dad would say.  By this point, it was part of the routine.

After reading 3 or 4 books recently that were mostly propelled by action, it was actually nice to sit back and read one that was character driven.  Mclean is a cool character to follow.  (And yes, that’s exactly how to spell her name.)

Mclean is used to moving around a lot since her parents’ divorce two years ago.  Her dad, a restaurant consultant, jumps from town to town to fix up failing restaurants and brings Mclean with him.  Usually, she reinvents herself in each new city with a new name and persona.  But Lakeview is different.  She meets Dave, who claims he can see the real Mclean.  Which makes her wonder, who is the real Mclean?  Does she even exist?

Maybe it’s because I tend to fall on the supernatural side of YA, but I feel like there are woefully few books that tackle this topic.  Identity crisis.  Every teen goes through it.  I wanted to reinvent myself when I started college because I was tired of being seen as a Goody Two-Shoes with her nose stuck in a book.  That transformation didn’t happen, but at least I knew exactly what Mclean was trying to do.

The characters are always so awesome in Sarah Dessen novels.  Mclean and Dave are very defined, alone with their close friends Riley and Deb.  And Opal.  I was quite fond of her.

It’s so easy to see where Mclean is coming from, even though my parents never divorced and I’ve never had to go through what she has.  I love when I can do that.  Makes it so much easier to get into.  I only wish her name was a little more normal.  I always think her name is Mr. Clean when I read over it quickly.


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