Lady Jane

Forced to marry.  Forced to rule.  Their story became a legend.

I rated this movie 15th on my list of 15 Most Romantic Movies.  And there’s a reason for this.  It’s the 1500s version of Titanic or the Notebook for me.  I totally swoon.

Based on a completely true story (they really only fudge a few details.  It’s pretty accurate otherwise) of Jane Grey, it tells the story of her nine days as Queen of England.  In a political move, she’s forced to marry Guilford Dudley, whose father was highly influential and thought he could control Guilford.  What no one expected was that they’d fall in love and become a force to be reckoned with.

Historically, that’s probably the biggest fudged detail: Lady Jane and Guilford Dudley despised each other in real life.  But for the movie to be more entertaining, they fall in love.  And it’s quite beautiful in my opinion.  I quite enjoy seeing Guilford do everything he does to protect Jane.  It makes me melt inside.  See?  I’m swooning again.

It’s not all romance, either.  There’s so many political players in here it can make your head spin if you don’t have a basic understanding of the times.  This takes place when Protestants were on the throne (thanks to Henry VIII and his son, Edward), but the Catholics were about to return if Mary took the throne.  The Protestants would go to just about any lengths to avoid having their religion persecuted.  Which is where Jane comes in.

It’s truly a beautiful movie.  A little on the long side, I admit (2 hrs, 20 minutes), but it’s so good.  Helena Bonham Carter and Cary Elwes make a fabulous couple.  This was also the launching pad for both of their careers.  I can totally see why.  I fall in love time and time again with their story.

If you let me, I could praise this through next month, but I think you get the idea.  I will save you the time.


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