The Princess Bride

She gets kidnapped.  He gets killed.  But it all ends up okay.

I love this tagline.  I snorted when I first read it.

Okay, well, this movie is pretty classic.  And amazing.  Westley and Buttercup?  There’s very little that tops their love (check out my list of Most Romantic Movies.  These guys are in the top 5).

Westley is just a poor farm boy while Buttercup is his…uh, mistress?  When Buttercup realizes Westley is in love with her, she quickly returns the feelings.  On his way to creating a better life for the two of them, Westley is killed by the Dread Pirate Roberts.  Buttercup swears she will never love again, but is forced into an engagement to Prince Humperdink.  One day, Buttercup is kidnapped on her morning ride and it’s up to the Dread Pirate Roberts to save her.

Not only is this movie a romance, it has everything.  Romance, sword-fights, giants, bad guys, a fire swamp, humor, and some totally amazing quotes that make me giggle endlessly like “Inconceivable!”  It’s fun to watch no matter what kind of mood you’re in.  Everything is top-notch.

Now, I have the 20th anniversary edition, like this cover, and I know that there’s an amazing interview with the cast in the special features.  It’s not everyone since Andre died quite a few years ago and I’m not exactly sure why Cary Elwes couldn’t do it, but anyway, it’s a great interview.  Mandy (Inigo) has some of the best stories to tell about Andre the Giant.  I love hearing them.

Isn’t he adorable?  Sa-woon!  Even all dirty like that last one, I’d pick Westley.


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