My 5 Favorite Harry Potter Characters

I found a giveaway this morning that posed the question “Which Harry Potter character is the bravest?”  Of course, I picked my favorite character (you’ll see who that is soon), but I got thinking about which other characters I love as well.  I know many people won’t agree with me and I encourage you to post in the comments who you like best.  With no further ado, here are my characters.

5. Fred Weasley

Where do I begin?  Fred is amazing.  I’ve always felt more of a connection to him than I have to George, probably because Fred is the louder, more outgoing one of the two.  He always seems to be the mastermind behind whatever prank the twins have dreamed up.  I love that.

I don’t even know how to describe him.  The movies don’t do him justice.  Fred has a soft side to him, I believe, that not many people get to see.  He covers it up with self-confidence and jokes.  He’s ungodly witty (which always makes me giggle) and, no matter how poorly he tests, I also believe he’s incredibly smart.  He would have to be to create some of the things they do for the joke shop.  Which is another point: he’s driven.  I think that’s awesome too.  He knows what he wants to do (the joke shop, the pranks, fighting Voldemort) and he will find a way to do it, even if it kills him.  I just wish I could have seen more of him in the movies.

4. Neville Longbottom

What’s not to love about Neville?  Especially in HP7.  The dude has skills none of us really knew he had.

But I fell for Neville back in his first year.  The poor boy lost his frog on the first day, which is nerve-wracking enough as it is.  He was always picked on, especially by Snape (oh man, that Boggart?  Hilarious!).  What really won me over to Team Neville was when he stood up to Harry, Ron, and Hermione in the common room, trying to stop them from going out after curfew.  He was hit with a “Stupefy” for it, but Neville has guts for doing it in the first place.  He totally deserved those House Points.

And I know it’s not a scene from the book, but the one pictured?  Also awesome.  I loved that he had a larger part in Goblet of Fire…and I particularly liked that he started looking good around then, too.

3. Albus Dumbledore

I know, I know, I’m not supposed to like Dumbledore after HP7.  But I do.  I trusted the Dumbledore I saw.  He may have had ulterior motives for sending Harry on a couple of wild goose chases, but he’s still full of wisdom and insight.

Some of my favorite lines comes from him.  He’s wise, but a bit theatrical too sometimes.  He almost never gets angry at Harry, who I sometimes feel was like a son to him.  Harry didn’t have a father-figure until Dumbledore (and arguably, Arthur Weasley).  It’s the connection they have that really gets me.

Also, Dumbledore has a wicked sense of humor, especially early on.  His lines about Bertie Botts’ Every Flavor Beans in HP1 is one that I keep hearing and seeing as the best line of the movie.  He gets quite serious near the end, but he had to.  He couldn’t exactly act like Fred in an Order meeting.  That wouldn’t go well.

2. Hermione Granger

Probably the character I am most like.  She totally made being nerdy hot.  She was the brains of the operation, thinking everything through before the boys did something stupid.

And really, what’s not to love about Hermione?  (I seem to be saying that a lot.)  The only girl in the trio, she was the one girls were most likely to identify with.  And be jealous of.  I always wanted to be in her shoes so I could hang out with Harry and Ron every day like that.  But alas, my Hogwarts letter got lost in the mail.

Hermione has a number of amazing qualities about her.  Not only is she smart, but she’s unwaveringly loyal and trustworthy.  She’s quick on her feet when she needs to be and she’s emotional (which we need in the sea of boys).  Perhaps what’s so awesome about Hermione is that even though she’s a stickler for rules, she’ll break them if need be.  It happened nearly every year.  And she did Confound a Quidditch hopeful so Ron would get the position.

Lastly, she’s absolutely stunning now.  She definitely grew up.

1. Sirius Black

What?  Were you expecting Harry or Ron?  As much as I love them too, Sirius definitely takes the top spot.

Part of it stems from my fascination with the Marauders.  I would put all of them (minus Peter) at the top if I could.  I read (and occasionally write) fanfictions about what I imagine that time must have been like.  What was Voldemort like the first time around?  How hard was it to fight him and his goons?

I’m also drawn to his torturous time in Azkaban and the way he miraculously kept his sense of humor through it all.  12 years with Dementors?  How he managed to keep his sanity is mind blowing.  I couldn’t do it.

He was just so brave, if rash and foolhardy quite often.  He broke into Hogwarts and managed to get past the Fat Lady.  He communicated with Harry even though it was extremely dangerous for everyone involved.  He offered up his childhood home as the Order headquarters.  And then he fought for Harry in the Ministry.  Not to mention all the brave/foolish things he did during the first war against Voldemort and during his Hogwarts years.

He’s also clearly talented when it comes to magic.  Not everyone can become an animagus by 16.  It’s another case like Fred’s.

So there you have it.  My 5 favorite characters.  There are probably too many to list for an “honorable mentions” that I love just as much, but come in behind these guys.  Like Harry and Ron.  (Don’t get me wrong, the story wouldn’t be near as amazing without them, but I find the quirkier characters to be my favorite.)

So who makes your top five?

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