Friday Night Bites (Chicagoland Vampires, #2)

First Lines: “Higher, Merit.  Bring up that kick.  Mmm-hmm.  Better.”  I kicked again, this time higher, trying to remember to point my toes, squeeze my core, and flutter my fingers in the “jazz hands” our instructor ceaselessly demanded.

I just got back from vacation and this was the book I read in the car (thank God for Dramomine).  I read it last summer too, but the 4th book in this series was released a few months back and I didn’t remember what happened very well and wanted a refresher.  I love this series too much to pass up the chance to reread it.


Now that Merit’s Sentinel of Cadogan House, things are way more complex than they’ve ever been.  She’s dating someone her boss assigned to her.  She has to deal with vampire “raves” which may or may not make their way into the papers and cause mass panic.  She has to deal with her Master, Ethan Sullivan, who is a gorgeous pain in the butt.  Oh, and her best friend happens to be a very powerful sorceress.  Could life get any more complex?  But it does when Merit’s nemesis is free to roam and cause chaos that makes Merit’s life harder.  Did she also mention that Ethan wants her to make friends with her parents (whom she loaths) so they can get into elite circles?

I love how kick-butt Merit is.  It’s so awesome.  She went from a student who spent most of her days in a library to learning how to weld a sword and hold her own in a fight.  That and her wicked sarcasm always makes it more interesting.

And Ethan.  I love the guy, I swear I do, but he can be a pain in the ass.  The sexual tension between him and Merit is nearly palpable in this one.  I love it, don’t get me wrong (it practically drives the story itself), but after a while you’re just like, “Can y’all get a room and do it already?”  Oh, but it makes for such good fun.

This series has everything.  Mystery, suspense, action, romance, fantasy (in the form of fairies, shifters, vampires [obviously], and sorcerers), and seriously awesome humor.  The wit is amazing.

I know I’ve already read it, but I’m nearly chomping at the bit to get the 3rd book (and 4th!) from the library.  Ethan and Merit, here I come!


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