Twice Bitten (Chicagoland Vampires, #3)

First Lines: It was the beginning of Route 66, the spot where “America’s Main Street” began to traverse the United States.  Buckingham Fountain, the heart of Grant Park, was named for the brother of the woman who donated the fountain to the city of Chicago.

Oh, do I love this series.  Merit is a vampire who can kick butt, and not only with her fists and sword.  She’s got wit so fast it’ll leave burns on her victims.

*POTENTIAL SERIES SPOILERS*  It is book 3, after all.

Merit’s world seems to be getting bigger and bigger.  Just when she thought things couldn’t get much weirder, the North American pack leader, Gabriel Keene, asks Merit and Ethan to be his body guards while the shifters decide whether to stay where they are or head to Alaska to avoid the publicity the vamps are causing.  After someone takes a shot at Gabriel, Merit knows there’s something bigger going on than just an unhappy shifter.  As if that wasn’t enough drama, Ethan seems to be upping his charm for her.  Could it be possible to start a relationship with her Master and have it not get awkward?

Merit and Ethan…they’re just awesome characters.  Each one has their own ticks (most of Ethan’s come into play as a joke in this one) and they’re distinct in personality.  While it would be extraordinarily easy to hate Ethan, I just can’t help but love the guy.  I can see his motivation for things (even if I don’t like what he does).  That understanding helps him grow as a character in my eyes.

This is probably the most politically charged of all the books so far.  Not only does it deal with vamp politics, it introduces shifter politics as well.  I think it’s all incredibly interesting, but that’s me.  (And I avoid human politics at all costs, so this even strikes me as weird.)

And personally, I think it’s also probably the most action packed and romantic of all the books.  Ethan’s softer side comes out as he tries to charm Merit and I love it.  And you just can’t pass up action like this.


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