It all begins…with a choice.

It’s funny how my feelings about this movie have changed since I saw it in theatres.  Actually, it’s funny how my feelings about the whole series has changed, but I’ll explain that better in a bit.

Honestly, I think everyone knows the basic plot outline of the Twilight series, so I won’t put up the spoiler line.

Bella loves Edward and wants to become a vampire, but Edward won’t change her unless they’re married first.  Jacob loves Bella and will do whatever he can to make her choose him instead of Edward.  Also, there are a number of mysterious disappearances and murders in Seattle that could threaten the Cullens’ existence.

I remember how I felt, seeing this one in theatres.  I about exploded with excitement.  But I hadn’t seen it since opening weekend and I thought it might be fun to see it again before I leave for college, since I wasn’t planning on bringing it with me.

Oh, I still like it, don’t get me wrong, but I just started noticing things that seemed a little…off.  Things I didn’t notice before.  When I read the books, I was 100% Team Edward.  I’m old school about a lot of things, just like him (but I’m not over 100 years old).  I loved how protective he was of Bella and how much of a gentleman he was.

But watching the movie…it’s actually pretty creepy.  He’s controlling, even though he says he want Bella to make her own choices…as long as she won’t get hurt.  There was one scene where I looked at Edward like, “Who are you to say whether or not she can do that?”

And I’ve always had an issue with the weird cantor they have when they talk.  Is that a dialect I don’t know about or just the way K-Stew talks and it rubbed off on R-Pattz?  They say a few words, awkwardly pause in the middle of a sentence that doesn’t need a pause, then continue on.  For someone who loves to talk right along with movies, this is ungodly hard to mimic.

The more I watch this, the more I truly do believe Jacob would be the better choice for Bella.  His argument convinced me.  Something about him in the book never made me want her to end up with him, but Lautner’s performance continues to win me over with every movie.

It’s still a good movie.  But after watching some parodies on Youtube (like one by The Hillywood Show that is just incredible), it’s hard for me to take it seriously.


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