First Lines: Pre-zombification, my dad was already obsessed with corn.  He told me almost every day that corn was in control of us.

My lovely roommate and her boyfriend recommended this to me when they saw I was reading a book about zombies while they were talking.  Since it was written by John Green (and they kept chanting “Zombiecorns!”), I decided to go for it.

This follows Mia, a young girl who happened to retain her humanity in a world that is turning to zombies because of mutant corn.  It rotates between present narration and memories, making the story feel more in your face.

Keep in mind, this is only a novella.  It’s about 60 pages long and I believe it’s only available in ebook style.  I had it emailed to me by my roommate’s boyfriend, who happened to still have it on his computer.  I’ve heard you can get it for free, but I’m not sure from where.

This is totally not something I would have read on my own.  I like zombie stories, so long as they aren’t zombie apocalypses.  When they told me what this was about, I was seriously leery.  But I did, so that if there were any jokes made this year about it, I’d get them.

It wasn’t terrible.  It wasn’t John Green’s normal writing style, either.  It took until about chapter 4 for me to realize our narrator was a girl.  There was nothing before that to help me out.  It was all first person narration, so I couldn’t tell.  I just figured since all of Green’s other main characters were guys, this one was too.

It was actually a little sweet and a little suspenseful, too.  But very, very weird.  Mutant corn that turns people into zombies?  Odd.  And that took quite a while to get used to.  It was pretty good after that.

If zombie apocalypses happen to be your thing, check this out.


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