The Education of Bet

First Lines: Everything I needed to wear beneath my clothes was already in place.

Historical fiction with a strong female character!  I love it!

This is the story of Elizabeth, usually just called Bet.  Elizabeth is a maid’s daughter who was taken in by the grand-uncle of the family her mother worked for when her mother died of typhoid.  Bet and Will, the grand-nephew, have been friends since that day.  While Bet is stuck at home, working as almost a companion to the old grand-uncle, Will is out getting expelled from school after school.  Bet is sick of it, wanting an education of her own.  So she formulates a plan: she’ll take Will’s place at school while he follows his own dream.  But school isn’t exactly what Bet thought it would be.  Especially not once she begins falling for her roommate…

I thought it was really cute.  Bet’s a strong, driven character who’s got something to prove, not only to herself, but to everyone else that women shouldn’t just sit at home.  I loved that.

I liked a lot of the characters.  Will, Uncle, James.  They were all great.  Each one was different and had their own qualities.

I just liked the story!  I don’t really know what else to say.  It’s pretty short, so it’s a fast read.  Some parts are pretty predictable right from the get-go, but even so, I liked reading it.


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