A Little Wanting Song

First Lines: Dad and I leave town in the early dark.  It’s the second Sunday of the holidays, and we pack up the old blue car with enough clothes for summer and hit the road.  It’s so early he’s wiping hills of sand piled in the corners of his eyes.  I wipe a few tears from mine.

Released: June 8, 2010

A little something to know about this before you get into it: it’s set in Australia.  So don’t freak out when you find out that “Christmas” and “summer vacation” are logically placed in the same sentence, as in “Christmas is occurring over summer vacation.”  That completely threw me for a loop when I was reading.

Charlie Duskin has always been pretty quiet and absorbed in her music.  She loves playing guitar and writing her own songs.  The downside is that she’s usually pretty lonely.  Since her mother died, Charlie hasn’t exactly had a large group of friends to lean on.

Rose lives in the country and hates it there.  She wants to escape to the city, like where Charlie lives.  Rose and Charlie are neighbors in the summer, when Charlie comes down to visit her grandfather.  And because Rose wants out, she has to play nice with Charlie this year, so she can try to stay with them in the city.  What Rose and Charlie didn’t expect was that they would actually enjoy each others’ company, even after years of slight animosity.

I thought it was cute.  I can really relate to Charlie, in that she loves her music and that she’s kind of a loner.  And Rose is that tough girl who acts like nothing fazes her, but in reality, she feels everything.  I liked her too.  And the guys, Luke and Dave, they were both sweethearts in their different ways.

I thought it had a really good message, that people aren’t who we think they are.  We’re all different, flawed.  I liked the way that played out.  It was in a way that you could totally see, without being hit-over-the-head-with-a-stick obvious.  It’s a message that’s great for any age to read about, to discover.

And hey, this only reinforces my post, The Next Big Thing (7).  It’s a book about music!


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