The Next Big Thing (8)

The Next Big Thing is a segment of my creation in which I talk about what is hot in YA lit or is on the rise to becoming the next ‘it’ thing.  I am by no means any kind of expert, just a girl who has a tad too much time on her hands and loves books.

The Next Big Thing: Book Trailers

This segment is a little different than usual.  Normally, I’d tell you about the new themes I see cropping up in books, like Greek mythology or undersea creatures.  But I think this is worth noting because I have been seeing a huge rise in book trailers and how much attention people give them.

If you don’t know, book trailers are like movie trailers.  They’re made to promote the books and, typically, are made by the publishers, if I’m not mistaken.  Some are very simple and no more complex than a PowerPoint, while others do look quite a bit like a real movie trailer.

Some authors use these trailers as ways to leak just enough new information about their books to keep you interested.  Richelle Mead recently did this with her Bloodlines trailer, where she made multiple trailers featuring quotes from different characters.

For the most part, this is a segment where I can’t just describe books that center around a similar theme.  Therefore, I’m going to post a few trailers in increasing awesomeness and theatrics, so you can get a feel for what I’m trying to describe.  Enjoy!

The Hunger Games – Posted by ScholasticTeens

Unearthly – Posted by HarperTeen

Beauty Queens – Posted by ScholasticTeens

Clarity – Posted by TheScholasticChannel

Rules of Attraction – Posted by selkeles


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