Super 8

It Arrives.

Originally, I didn’t really care to see this movie.  The trailers were incredibly unhelpful when it came to figuring out what the story was about.  Plus, Spielberg tends to make movies I’m not interested in.  Yeah, they’re good, but not my cup of tea.  I caved when a group of my friends were getting together to see this.

Actually, it was hundreds of times better than I thought it was going to be (though my roommate’s boyfriend will disagree with me.  He didn’t like it).

The story follows Joe Lamb, a local deputy’s son.  Joe and his friends like to make horror  movies on using Super 8 film to try to win contests.  Joe’s friend Charles asked the quiet loner, Alice, if she wants to play a part in the movie.  But while they’re filming one of the scenes, they see a truck deliberately crash into a train, derailing it and making a deadly mess.  All of the cars on the train contain metal cubes unlike anything they’ve ever seen.  When things start getting weird in town, it’s up to Joe and his friends to figure out what happened and what it has to do with what they saw.

Honestly, it’s quite a bit like Stephen King’s It.  Weird goings on in town.  Cops can’t figure it out.  Kids are the only ones who have really seen what’s behind it and they have to save the town.  My roomie and I made Harry Potter related jokes through the movie when different scenes looked like the movies.  It reminded me of another movie at the time, but I can’t remember what it was now.  Sorry.

Nearly all of the kids that star in this are newcomers, which is incredible.  I thought Joel Courtney (Joe) was fantastic.  So was Elle Fanning (Alice), but she’s hardly a newcomer.  I really liked Riley Griffiths (Charles) as well.  They were just all awesome.  Fun fun.

As for the suspense and stuff, personally, it got old for me fairly fast.  It seemed redundant.  We knew there was creepy stuff going on and no one usually saw it happen.  I’m so not into horror movies and this played out a little like one.  I think horror movies are stupid, so that may be coloring my review a little.

Overall, I thought it was pretty good.  Nice 80s music and references…since it’s set in the 80s, I’d expect nothing less.  But still.  I’m not a child of the 80s, but I do think the music is pretty boss.  Anyway, good story, fun characters, and quite a bit of suspense.  Perhaps a little cheesy at times, but you get used to it.


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