First Lines: The first boy I ever loved, Steven Goode, was really into cars.  He received a junky ’72 Chevelle for his sixteenth birthday and spent six months rebuilding it.  Everyone in school knew about it because Steven worked on it during shop class, and half the guys at Cedar Cove High helped him, wrenching and sanding and polishing until every piece was as good as new.

I have been drooling over this book since May of last year, when I first heard about it.  And finally, I was able to read it.  Honestly, it was good, but not as good as I was hoping.  But I’ll get into that.

Lexi used to be just a normal teenage girl.  She used to be one of the most popular girls in school, almost valedictorian, too.  She used to hope she would get asked to homecoming.  But all of that was before Lexi found out she was a siren…before she killed a boy.  Now, two years later, Lexi’s just beginning to get her life back in order, thanks to Cole, the best friend of the boy she killed.  He sees her in a way no one has seen her in two years.  But not only has Lexi garnered Cole’s attention, the new kid, Erik, seems to have his eye on her too.  Lexi’s forced to choose between the guy she wants and the life she never thought she could have.

For the first half of the book, I was super-absorbed.  I was reading between classes and even while I was waiting for my friend to get off the phone.  (You should have seen his face when he saw me start reading while propped against his doorframe.)  Needless to say, I thought it was quite good.

It’s the second half that just seemed…off.  Almost cheesy, the farther into the story I got.  I was disappointed in that aspect.  I just thought it was going to be so awesome, judging by the first half, but it wasn’t.

Overall, though, I still liked it.  The siren part of the story was very well crafted.  The characters were all great and unique.  What else do I say?  It was definitely the fastest I’ve gotten through a book in weeks, which feels really good.  Like eating that piece of chocolate cake you’ve been craving.  I didn’t know how much I missed buzzing through books until I read this one.  (I’m having a deja vu moment.  Have I said this before?)


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