Sydney White

Freshman year is no fairy tale.

So, last night I was hanging with a friend and about 6 others I didn’t know at all before last night.  We watched about 4 episodes of The Big Bang Theory before we turned Sydney White on.  It’s safe to say, we were all truly dorks.  (If you don’t get that now, you will.)

Sydney White is a sort of modern retelling of Snow White.  Sydney’s been an outcast all her life, growing up with only her father since her mother died when she was 9.  Now, she’s about to start college and wants to rush the same sorority her mother was in.  The only problem is she is so not Kappa material.  After a couple disasters, Sydney meets the seven dorks that live in The Vortex, a rotting, falling apart cottage on campus that takes in anyone who needs a haven.  Now, Sydney is reading to take on the Greek system and turn the school on its head.

Some of the references to Snow White are completely obvious.  Take Sydney’s name for instance.  Or the “prince” of the story, Tyler Prince.  Or the fact that there are seven dorks living in a cottage.  See?  Fairly obvious stuff.  There’s more, but I don’t want to spoil anything.

I thought the movie was cute.  I mean, the dorks were so lovable.  Personally, I fell for George (who embodies Dopey), but a lot of the girls I was with liked Lenny (Sneezy).  Sydney was just so quirky, I loved it.  Of course, I love Amanda Bynes, so that could have a slight impact on my judgment.  And the guy?  So hot, at least in my opinion.  My friend didn’t think he was that cute, but I liked him.  Mmmmm.

So, in summation, I thought it was a good, cute movie.  It was fun watching it with a lot of girls and a couple of guys.  Great mix of perceptions.  Also, the guys seemed to really like it too.  When the movie skipped (which it did twice, making us miss one vital scene), every person yelled, “NOOOO!”  Girls, it’s a good movie to watch with your boyfriend.  So good.


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