Intrinsical (The Yara Silva Trilogy, #1)

First Lines: My shadow stretched out in front of me, making my small build and slight frame seem almost tall–willowy even.  it had an air of grace about it that I envied, and made me feel more elegant than the boarding school uniform-wearing sixteen year old I was.

This is another one of those books I’ve had since Christmas that I’ve only just gotten around to reading.  And it was really good.  I was impressed.

Yara never wanted to inherit her grandmother’s ability to see and talk to ghosts.  However, when she sees fellow student Brent being attacked by a spirit, she runs to his rescue.  Now, Yara’s life will never be the same.  There’s a mysterious mist on campus that has every intention of finding a victim despite Yara’s efforts to keep that from happening.  It’s part of a 60 year old curse that threatens not only Yara’s life, but the lives of her friends.  Is Yara strong enough to stop it?

I started off a little leery.  I mean, it’s been sitting on my shelf for almost a year!  If I hadn’t read it before now, it couldn’t be that good, could it?  But it was pretty impressive.  Yara’s story was great and entertaining.  I loved her sass that always seemed to come out when she was fed up with Brent.

I was actually really surprised by how the plot played out.  There was a particular twist that grabbed my attention and kept me intrigued for the remainder of the book.  I’m not going to spoiler it here.  Just suffice it to say, it’s pretty awesome.  But I’m an English nerd, so it was even more impressive.

For its paranormal plot, it was actually really realistic when it came to the characters.  I loved that.  The characters were all relatable, even the ones you didn’t want to like, you could understand their motives at least.  It was fabulous.


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