The Lost Saint (The Dark Divine, #2)

First Lines: “You can do this, Grace,” Daniel said between sharp breaths.  “You know you can.”  “I’m trying.”  My fingers trembled as I tightened them into fists.

Just yesterday, I got a number of books at the library, one of which I have to try to finish by Tuesday night.  So I powered through this one while I watched football.  And this drew my attention almost more than my favorite team.

*Hey, series spoilers are bound to occur, if you haven’t read the first book.  I’m serious.*

It’s been ten months since Grace was infected.  For now, she’s training with Daniel to rein in her power.  But their relationship isn’t as simple as it used to be anymore.  Daniel won’t train her anymore, but someone else will.  Jude’s still missing.  To top it off, Daniel is pulling away from her and she can’t figure out why.  What’s going on?  Who is this guy who wants to train her?  And where is Jude?

It was actually really exciting, especially the second half.  I’m always leery about the 2nd book in a series because they usually have the romance hit a major snag and that’s the huge plot point.  This had that, but it wasn’t the major twist in the story.  I could respect it more because the story was more complex than just the relationship between Daniel and Grace.

I really love these guys.  Something about Daniel always makes me fall for him, no matter what he’s done.  He’s just perfect for Grace.  And she has so many obstacles to overcome, it’s incredible she manages and keeps her sanity.  She’s amazing.

The plot in this is actually pretty awesome.  All the internal shifter stuff is very exciting.  It was subtle and very revealing at the same time.  I liked that.

It’s a good read.  I liked it more than I did the first, which rarely happens.


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