There You’ll Find Me

First Lines: Sometimes I think about when I was little, and my older brothers would take me out to fly kites.  “Give it some slack!” Will would yell.  It was almost painful to watch, that kite of mine.

Two things originally got my attention for this book: the cover and the premise.  It sounds silly that I’m breaking it down like that because–obviously–those are the first two things that catch anyone’s attention about a book.  But these are the two things that kept me from never reading it when I learned more about it.

Finley’s brother was murdered two years ago and she hasn’t fully gotten over it yet.  Taking his journal, she’s headed to Ireland to see what he saw and connect with him and God.  But things don’t go as planned when she meets Beckett Rush, teen heartthrob and vampire movie star.  They strike a deal: Beckett will help her find all the places her brother went if she’ll be his assistant.  The pressure starts getting to Finley, breaking her down.  Between school, auditions for a prestigious music school, and whatever is happening between her and Becket, Finley’s cracking.  Is she going to make it through, with God’s help?

I mentioned above that I almost didn’t read this.  I didn’t realize it was Christian lit until shortly before I grabbed it at the library.  Christian lit just isn’t my cup of tea.  Frankly, it makes me uncomfortable having people discuss religion that openly.  Where I’m from, that only happens in church.

So I almost didn’t read it because of that.  However, I really wanted to see this plot play out.  A normal girl having a romantic relationship with an actor?  Sign me up!  (Can I get a heartthrob actor of my own while we’re at it?)  So I tried to overlook the religion as much as I could and just focus on the story.

Beckett was such a sweetheart.  I’d take him any day.  And Finley, she had her problems, but I also liked her character.  Every character was flawed, but that made the story seem more real.  I feel like some YA lit is, to quote one of my friends, moving toward “insta-love”, where the main characters fall completely in love within just days or weeks.  This didn’t have that, not really.  I respect stories like that.

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