Life of Pi

First Lines: My suffering left me sad and gloomy.  Academic study and the steady, mindful practice of religion slowly brought me back to life.

Funny story.  I wouldn’t have normally read this at all.  Just looking at it and reading the back of it, no way.  But one of my professors that I like recommended this to me.  I tried to make him understand what YA lit was, and that it encompassed more than Twilight and Harry Potter.  He seems to think that any book with a main character who is a teenager, like Pi, is a YA book.  So not the case.

Piscine Patel, known as Pi, is a 16 year old Indian boy with his life ahead of him.  On a trip from India to Canada with his family, their boat sinks.  Pi is left to survive in a lifeboat…with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker.

This book was so confusing.  I spent the first part of the book going, “What is that?”  Ironically, the first part was the best of the three.  The second part dragged on and on and was exceedingly boring at times.  And the third just made everything that much harder to understand.

It’s so not what I read.  It took me a week to get through and I mostly just tried to read it as fast as I could so I could get on to something else and get the book returned to its rightful owner.  Plus, my roommate acted like it was the devil’s spawn whenever she saw it in the room (she hates it).

I will say that it was much easier to read than I thought it would be.  I know it’s a recent book, but when people call it “classic” as my teacher did, I can’t help but make the connection to books like Wuthering Heights and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, both of which took me a very long time to finish because of the difficult language.

It’s probably not good news for me, but my professor wants to recommend another book…this time, it’s about Jacob from the Old Testament.  I’m not so sure about this.  I need to detox myself on true YA lit.


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