Ever After: A Cinderella Story

Desire.  Defy.  Escape.

In order to win an ill-conceived bet, I had to stay up until 2 in the morning (I’m happy to report I won). I did it by watching Ever After.  I love a good fairytale story, but Cinderella has never been my favorite.  I guess it resonates with people, the way a girl hard on her luck but true in virtue can become a queen.  I’ve just never fallen for the story the same way I have Beauty and the Beast.

Danielle’s father died when she was 8, right after marrying a Baroness with two daughters.  Now, Danielle (Barrymore) works as their servant.  One day, Danielle spots a thief stealing one of their horses.  Unfortunately for her, it was Prince Henry (Scott) trying to escape life at his castle for a while.  Henry is intrigued by Danielle and her view on life and tries to see her as often as he can…though he doesn’t know she’s just a servant.  How long can Danielle keep up the charade before the truth comes out?  How long before she loses her heart?

It was very cute.  I was interrupted multiple times while I was watching it, so I lost focus a couple of times, but overall I liked it.  Danielle was a girl who wasn’t scared to stand for what she thought was right, no matter who was in her way.  I like seeing that in heroines.  She put up with so much more than she should have.

Prince Henry was very likable too.  And very cute, if I do say so.  He had character flaws that stood in contrast to Danielle, who seemed nearly perfect.  I liked when he could acknowledge those.

It was fun to see the minor characters step up as well.  One of the stepsisters was so great and some of the people that frequented the castle were fun as well.  I don’t want to spoil anything if you haven’t seen it.  It’s much better, in my opinion, if you don’t really know.  I mean, you know the plot of Cinderella anyway, so you know how the story goes.  The fun comes out of not knowing this version’s differences.


One thought on “Ever After: A Cinderella Story

  1. The Cinderella story inspires people because it’s about successful social mobility, but the story itself is not very compelling because the way Cinderella’s life improves is by a man coming along and marrying her, solving the problem through little effort of her own. It becomes a more interesting story when there are more details about how she caught the prince’s attention, aside from with spectacular beauty.

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