Undead Much? (Megan Berry, #2)

First Lines: Okay, this was it.  The BIG moment.  After two months of training so hard, we barely had the energy to shower before we fell into bed–let alone ravage each other the way two teenagers in love should totally be ravaging each other–Ethan and I were alone on Sunday night, the last night of winter break.

Zombies are very much in now.  I find Megan’s story sort of fascinating, since it’s a little different than what I think of as a typical zombie story.  And I can’t refuse a story with a sassy main character.

*Potential Spoilers From Previous Books*

Megan’s life has been anything but ordinary since she became a Settler.  Things have been better since she started dating Ethan, but still dead people interrupt their dates.  And not to mention the evil cheerleaders are trying to take over the halftime show at basketball games.  Can things get worse?  Of course they can when Megan’s involved.  Now, there are new super-strong zombies on the loose and everyone in charge thinks Megan is guilty.  Can she prove her innocence and save the town?

Megan’s snark is so awesome.  I love her sarcastic streak that always emerges when she’s in a stressful situation…which was kind of the whole book.  And some of the minor characters had just as much wit as she did.  I love it when I spend half the book giggling.

Like I mentioned, the whole book was sort of a stressful situation.  That got annoying really fast, actually.  Yes, the stress intensity increased as the story went, but the whole time, Megan was looking over her shoulder.  It’s hard to read a book when you know it’s so tense.  I had to keep taking breaks to escape it.

The ending was a bit obvious from early on.  At least a few aspects of it.  Looking back, it’s a bit more obvious than it was at the time.

Also, some of the characters act weirdly.  I mean, they were written one way in the first book and now they act differently in this one with no really well-explained reason.  Megan even points out multiple times, “Why is [X] acting so weird?”  It just wasn’t sufficiently explained to fix my curiosity.

Overall, though, I liked it.  Characters like Cliff and Monica really make the story.  Plus, there is some truly dangerous stuff going on and I’m drawn to that like a moth to a flame.


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