Dearly, Departed (Gone With The Respiration, #1)

First Lines: I was buried alive.  When the elevator groaned to a stop in the middle of the rocky shaft, I knew I was buried alive.  Trapped thousands of feet below the earth’s surface and hudreds above the bottom of the shaft, dangling in a dimly lit ten-by-ten-foot cage over the black bowels of the very mine I had been so bloody relieved to get work in.

I have officially found my new obsession.  If all zombies and heroines could be this amazing, I would be drooling over zombies instead of vampires.  This book was a mix of zombies, action, love, and Victorian era manners with modern technologies.  I loved that.

Nora Dearly’s life has been nearly perfect.  She’s gone to a private school for her schooling and has grown up a proper lady in New London.  But a year ago, Nora’s world came crashing down around her.  Her father, a renowned doctor, died from a mysterious illness.  Nora hasn’t been the same since.  Now, there are bad dead guys after Nora and the only ones who can help her are also dead.  She’s thrust into a world of living dead who have been killed and raised by a virus known as “the Laz.”  The captain of Nora’s rescuers is a soldier named Bram Griswold…who is also dead.  When Nora realizes that her world will never be the same again, she has to make do with what she has.  What happens when those who are hunting her are even closer than she could have imagined?

Nora is a completely awesome heroine who can balance her feminine mannerisms with the ability to drop them completely to go kill whoever is after her.  I loved that.  She knew how to survive while so many other characters in the story couldn’t have handled that.

The story jumps perspectives after nearly every chapter.  The best were always when it was told from Bram’s point of view or Nora’s, mostly because they were the main focus of the story.  The minor characters slowed down the story, but it was a necessary evil because they provided insight into the story that Nora and Bram simply couldn’t.  So while I didn’t like it much in the beginning, I had come to understand it by the end.

The zombies were so freaking amazing.  The science behind it all was fantastic.  I loved the way it was written, and that’s saying something because I disliked science class in high school.  I can generally follow it, but it’s dry.  This was not dry at all.

Overall, it was just a well written story.  I got chills a number of times when I would read some scenes.  That’s fabulous writing right there.  I’m itching already to go buy a copy so I can bookmark my favorite scenes.


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