The Muppets

They’re closer than you think.

My friend is a huge Muppets fan and for her birthday, she wanted to see this movie…again.  She’s seen it twice now and can sing every song on the soundtrack.  But that’s her.  She’s more of a Disney princess than the real princesses are.  Anyway, she’s been pushing me to watch Muppets stuff this weekend with her to get ready for it.  (The only real Muppets movie I’ve seen multiple times is Muppet Treasure Island and it’s the best.)

On a trip to Los Angeles for vacation, Walter, a huge Muppets fan, overhears a plot by an evil oil tycoon to buy the Muppets theatre and demolish it to dig for oil.  To stop him, Walter needs help from Gary and Mary, his brother and his brother’s girlfriend.  Together they find Kermit and help him put together the gang again.  But can they put together a show and raise the money they need in time?

There were so many cameos in this that every few minutes, I would go, “Oh, here’s so-and-so.”  It was actually almost like a game to see who showed up next.  I hadn’t paid a whole lot of attention to all the rumors and news surrounding the movie because I’m not a huge Muppets fan , like my roommate.  So it was a very nice surprise when I saw more than one of my favorite actors pop up.  Once, I probably looked like a retarded seal the way I clapped and silently cheered for my favorite TV actor when he came into the screen.

And it was pretty great to see the muppets again.  However, some seemed to be missing or quite different from the ones I remembered.  Rizzo the Rat didn’t really have a part.  He may have made a cameo or two, but that was about it.  That’s disappointing because he’s so funny.  And Fozzie Bear, another of my favorites, just sounded weird.  I realize it’s likely a different actor than I’m used to, but it just didn’t sound like Fozzie.

Also, and this is probably just me, the songs seemed sort of stupid.  Quite a few were good, do not misunderstand me, but a couple seemed a bit pointless or just odd.  Who knows.  Maybe this will be a movie that I love by the time I’ve seen it 5 times and know the songs, but for now, the songs just didn’t make sense.  Like Richman’s song.  It was entertaining, but had no real use to the story.  A good song furthers the plot or helps you gain insight into a character’s mind or feelings.

Overall, I think it’s rather enjoyable.  It has jokes kids will understand and jokes that only parents can appreciate, especially references to the 80s.  The songs are catchy and the characters are lovable.  Maybe it just wasn’t for me.


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