Stay With Me

First Lines: A hundred and two days.  That’s probably about average, but it didn’t seem close to that long, especially in the beginning, that first month or so.  It was just getting to that sweet spot, where everything is perfect for a while.  A short while.  Before it starts to fade–little by little, usually.

There was so much about this book that caught my attention when I was just searching through upcoming books a few months back.  The beautiful cover, the dog, and the plot that sounded a bit like Perfect Chemistry.

Cece and Mack were an unlikely couple.  Cece is a straight A student while Mack is a dropout just trying to scrape together some money working at a diner.  Soon, the two are spending all of their time together, bonding over a dog, and everything is perfect.  Then Mack makes a huge mistake that makes everything they worked for impossible.  As Cece and Mack try to figure out where they stand now, they begin to wonder what happens to the relationship when one of them just can’t stay?

I really liked it.  It was told in alternating points of view between Mack and Cece.  They both come from a world I’m not familiar with, but Mr. Griffin makes it possible to relate to it or at least understand it.  You throw dogs into the mix and I am so there.  I used to be terrified of dogs, but now they’re adorable friends.  Puppies make the world go ’round.

I digress.  What I liked most about this was how real it was.  It was a little like Perfect Chemistry, but it was nowhere close to being the same book.  I give kudos to PC for how real it is, but Stay With Me was even more real in one key aspect, one that I cannot share because it is a spoiler.  My apologies.  Just trust me on the fact that when you finish this book, you’ll see how much more real it is than most YA books.

All that praise said, it wasn’t perfect.  There were times the action lagged and I got bored.  There were a couple of times I couldn’t exactly follow what was happening.  But overall, it is completely worth the time.


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