Last Breath (Morganville Vampires, #11)

First Lines: Shane’s lips felt like velvet against the nape of her neck, and Claire shivered in delight as his breath warmed the skin there.  She leaned back against him with a sigh.

Morganville, Morganville, you did it again!  You have completely enthralled me and turned what I know about you on its head.  No wonder this is the one of the few series I’ve stayed with past about 6 or 7 books.

*SERIES SPOILERS AHEAD!  Really, at this point, I can’t even possibly pretend I can make it spoiler free.*

In this installment, things are as crazy as ever in Morganville.  For the most part, Claire is left to her own devices most of the time–and she’s not complaining.  This means more time with Shane. But as usual, something isn’t right in Morganville.  Vampires are disappearing without a trace just as Claire begins seeing a stranger in town named Magnus.  Is it a coincidence that the last person to see these missing vamps is Magnus?  Claire thinks not.  But is Magnus a vampire or is he something else entirely?  And if he’s able to make vampire disappear, what can he do to the humans?

I was up way later than I wanted to be one night reading this because something completely unexpected and full of tension happened just before I was going to put down the book and go to bed.  So naturally, I had to stay up until something was resolved and I could go to bed with peace of mind.  Even after that, the next morning I had to finish the book.

As usual, the characters are fantastic.  Claire and Shane are my favorite main characters, but I’m not knocking Michael or Eve.  The whole group is funny and strong and heartfelt.  I know every time I go into one of these books that I’m going to come out loving the characters even more than I did before.

As for minor characters, can I possibly write a review without mentioning Myrnin?  He totally showed his true colors (madness and all) in this one.  It was really great to see, even though we don’t know if he’s truly sane.  That’s part of the fun.  It makes him that much more brilliant and funny and scary.  When he’s lost it, watch out.  But I wouldn’t change him at all.  He’s Myrnin.

Once I finished reading, there were some things I thought had been done poorly.  One vital moment could have been taken somewhere more productive and less cliched.  At the time I was reading, though, I wanted the cliche.  I wanted that result badly.  I stayed up late for it.  So because of that, I don’t feel like I can fairly dock marks for the book because at the time, it didn’t bother me in the slightest.


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