My Beating Teenage Heart

First Lines: The first moment is utter darkness.  The absence of thought, the absence of everything.  an absence that stretches infinitely backwards and threatens to smother your sanity–if there was a you, that is.

When I plucked this off the library shelves, I did it merely because I needed another book to take to school with me.  I recognized the name and cover, so I knew it was on my to-read list.  Added bonus.  However, I did all of this without reading the book jacket.  It wasn’t until I was about to start reading it that I found out what it was about.

Ashlyn Baptiste can’t remember who she is.  She knows something isn’t right.  Is she in a coma?  Is she…dead?  All she knows is that she’s falling without a body.  When the falling stops, she’s watching a stranger.  Breckon Cody is smothered by his grief.  The pain is too strong, but he’s trying to hold it together.  Ashlyn and Breckon don’t know each other, but the longer Ashlyn hangs around, the more she wants to help Breckon.  While she struggles to find herself and help him, he makes it harder and harder.

I really liked it.  It was a heart breaking story, but it was so good.  You wanted to hang in there because the characters were awesome and you really didn’t know what happened prior to the story until closer to the end.  So that really made you keep reading.

This really is a book you know how it’s going to end before it does.  I mean, books like this are always the same.  But seriously, read it anyway.  It’s not the ending you’re there for.  It’s everything that happens in the middle.  Such a good story.

All of the characters were amazing, from Ashlyn to Breckon and all the supporting characters in Breckon’s life.  You just felt like you knew all of them.

Even though I keep saying how good it is, there’s just something about it that keeps me from giving it 5 roses.  I can’t even put my finger on what it is.  I liked all the characters and the story was completely engrossing.  And yet I’m hesitant to give it a 5.  Weird.


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