Finnick and Annie!

Folks, I seriously cannot keep this to myself anymore.  I was trying to spare you some pain by waiting for the new episodes, so I waited until they were all out.  Confused?  Let me start over.

On Youtube, there’s this amazing little miniseries that is supposed to give you the backstory to the love that is Finnick and Annie from The Hunger Games.  I am in love.  It could definitely be better than it is, but it’s still really good.  It’s feeding my Hunger Games addiction until the movie comes out…in which case it will get exponentially worse.

Anyway, here are all 6 episodes!  Seriously, watch them in order.  I promise, they really pull at some heartstrings.

Isn’t he a doll?

See?  Wasn’t that adorable?  I have a few problems with the kid who plays Finnick in episodes 3-6 (what is with his weird obsession with putting his head on Annie in completely uncomfortable positions?), but mostly, he’s just adorable.  I mean, that shirt removal in Episode 6?  Swoon worthy.  I don’t care if it totally seemed like a manufactured ploy to get him out of his shirt.  Totally worth it.

So what did you think of it?

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