Crossed (Matched, #2)

First Lines: I‘m standing in a river.  It’s blue.  Dark blue.  Reflecting the color of the evening sky.

I liked Matched.  But I wasn’t a huge fan of it.  So when I saw this one was getting so-so reviews, I started thinking this was going to be worse than Matched for me.  Usually I agree with the average reviewer.

*Series Spoilers in the following description*

Cassia has made her decision.  She’s going after Ky, who Society sent to the Outer Provinces.  Everyone sent there dies, but Cassia has hope.  When she finds out he’s escaped, she starts following the clues he left behind.  Everything Cassia thought she knew is called into question on her quest.  Who can she trust?  Is the Rising really as great as it sounds?  …Can she really leave Xander behind after all?

I actually liked it.  I can see why most readers get bored with it, because there are massive chunks with no real action, but I really liked the character development that went on.  Not only did our heroes grow, but we were introduced to some new characters that are going to play big roles later on, I can tell.

Even though there wasn’t a whole lot of action, I thought it was still emotionally exciting.  The story rotates between Cassia and Ky’s perspectives, so that was always interesting.  They interpreted things differently and they each have their secrets.

The new characters were interesting as well.  A couple were absolutely heartbreaking, but others were just cool to have around.  I really liked seeing Cassia change from the girl she was in Matched.  That’s been the most fun.

There’s definitely a mild cliffhanger that could mean one of two things…depending on how you define one single word.  Sounds ominous, doesn’t it?  I like saying things like this and having no one know what I mean.  Some call it “evil”, I call it “entertaining.”  Anyway, the ending leaves room for the next book to come in and shine.  Looks like I’ll be reading that one too.


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