Billy Madison

A comedy about an overwhelming underachiever.

It’s just been a movie weekend, you know?  I’ve watched 2.5 movies in three days.  And that’s in between everything else I did this weekend!

After 17 years, most of us know the story of Billy Madison, right?  Billy is a slacker that wants to inherit his father’s company.  But because Billy really appears to have no ambition or drive, his father gives the company to another man.  Billy, to get the company back, agrees to go back to school and repeat every grade for two weeks.

I think this movie is so funny.  I’m a fan of the Sand-man, so this is one I like.  It’s wildly inappropriate at times (I’ll get to that more in a moment), but it’s so funny and smart at the same time.  It’s a delicate balance.

Most of the time when I watch this, it’s on TV.  This time, my brother and I watched it from Netflix.  Apparently, TV stations cut out a large chunk of the beginning because neither of us remembered it.  We looked at each other and went, “Have you seen this part before?”  And then we found out why.  Funny how that happens.

It’s so funny how I can go back now and watch it and catch little things I never caught before.  Now that I’m an English major, Billy’s answer at the end of the movie is definitely ridiculous.  I know enough now to see where he’s going with it, but it’s still really out there.  I don’t agree with the proctor, but still.

Funny movie.  Is it Sandler’s best?  No.  Not by a long shot.  But it’s funny early Sandler stuff.


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