Patch Adams

Laughter is contagious.

Movie #2 of this weekend!  I was playing Just Dance 3 and randomly thought, “I haven’t seen Patch Adams in a long time.  I should watch that.”  So I did.  Lovely how my mind works sometimes.

Hunter “Patch” Adams is a man who desperately wants to be a doctor after he realizes how much he enjoys helping others.  He challenges the system that preaches distance from patients and makes connections with them.  Why should a doctor be just a man in a white coat?  Why can’t he a friend as well?

This movie is just so cute.  I like it because it has elements of a lot of movies in it.  Ok, not a lot, but more than just a comedy.  It makes me cry.  It’s so cute how he’s great with kids and other patients.  I wish my doctor was more like Patch.

This kind of captures my interest too because my boyfriend is a pre-med major and I hope he turns out like this.  I could go on for far too long about him, so let’s just sum it up in saying this is what I imagine his med school will be like.  All I really have are Scrubs and this to show me what med school is like.

The supporting characters in this are great too.  Truman is a favorite and weirdly so is Mitch.  I think it’s just because I respect Philip Seymour Hoffman as an actor.  But whatever.  Robin Williams kills this movie.  Oh, bad pun.


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