Guardians: The Girl

First Lines: Okay, it’s official: I’m a coward.

The author asked me to review this and gave me a free copy.  I just wanted to say a quick thanks and thanks for the patience.  (I forgot more than once that this was waiting in my queue.)

Emmy’s life gets turned upside down when she is attacked by dark angels trying to kidnap her.  She’s saved by a group of good angels known as Guardians.  Both sides need her for information that will either save the world or destroy it, depending on who gets the information first.  But the question is does Emmy even have the information they need?

There were parts of it I liked and parts I didn’t.  I liked the minor characters more than the main characters.  I liked some of the action, but I didn’t like all of it or the way the story was told.  Let me explain.

The main characters were really hard to like.  Emmy, as the minor characters said too much, had a “fire” inside her.  Yeah, she did, but it seemed to be mostly bluff.  And Marcus…well, that’s just a can of worms waiting to be opened.  The boy has so many problems, I don’t even know where to start.  He was hypocritical and critical and rude.  Not exactly qualities you expect in a head angel.  I was not a fan of him.

Some of the action that took place in the story seemed superfluous.  It was just action to be action.  It didn’t have a plot point.  Or if it did, its consequences were quickly forgotten.  Injuries seemed to magically disappear overnight or in an even shorter time span.

I also didn’t like the way the story was set up.  It’s broken into three parts.  Emmy, Marcus, Emmy.  The first Emmy and the Marcus are, I kid you not, mostly the same story.  It starts itself over again once we get to Marcus.  I didn’t realize it at first, so I’m reading it and then they start calling Emerson a boy again and I’m like, “What?  We’re starting OVER?  Ugh!”  There could have been a better way of integrating the two parts into the story chronologically.

I will say that it walked the fine line between being a story about angels and goodness and preaching to the readers.  A couple of times, it fell into the preaching category, but mostly it managed to stay in that safe zone that really won’t offend anyone.  Kudos for that.  It’s a thin line to walk.


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