Legend (Legend, #1)

First Lines: My mother thinks I’m dead.  Obviously I’m not dead, but it’s safer for her to think so.

It seemed like a bad idea when I was at the library to pick up two dystopias at once.  Dystopias are intense and too many at once can be overwhelming.  But it turned out to be quite awesome.

The Republic (what was once known as the western United States) is constantly at war with The Colonies (its neighbors).  June was born into a wealthy family and became a military prodigy.  She’s incredibly smart, follows orders, and is passionate about her work.  Day was born in the slums and is now the country’s most wanted criminal.  These two have no reason to cross each other’s paths…not until June’s brother is killed and Day is the number one suspect.  Now June is out for revenge while Day is frantic to save his family.  Things begin to unravel and the truth begins to slip free.  What really brought Day and June together and at what length with enemies go to keep secrets hidden?

I hear it’s based off of Les Miserables, but I don’t know anything that story to know.  All I know is that it was a boss dystopia with amazing characters, action, and technology.

The action was constant.  It wasn’t exactly nonstop, but there was always a hint of it in the background.  As a criminal on the run, Day is surrounded by danger.  And June is being trained to become a great military leader.  Of course there’s lots of action.

I really liked the settings.  You could see them, even though you didn’t know what they were.  Buildings, streets, and homes were described in enough detail that you knew exactly what they were like.  It helps that Day and June both analytical by nature, so they scoped everything out.

The characters were great.  June and Day are so intelligent and that comes through.  June is driven and inquisitive where Day is fierce and clever.  It’s perfect.  I always looked forward to Day’s POV because it was more entertaining.  (Sorry June!)  Day had a little snark or spark about him that June didn’t quite have.  They were both great, admirable characters, but I liked Day better.

It’s a good read.  And fast.  I finished in 2 days.


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