Peter Pan (2003)

All children grow up except one.

One of my friends recommended this to me because she’s absolutely head-over-heels in love with Jason Isaacs, who plays Mr. Darling and Captain Hook in this version.  And I like a good Peter Pan story, so I gave it a try.

It’s the same story of Peter Pan that we all know.  Young storyteller, Wendy Darling, shares stories of a heroic boy named Peter Pan to her younger brothers.  After getting into trouble, it is decided that Wendy should move out of the nursery.  Peter encourages Wendy to come to Neverland with him and the adventures begin.

It was a cute version.  It’s a bit different from the Disney version that I know, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good.  Granted, there weren’t any catchy songs like “Second Star to the Right” or anything in this one, but there were more humorous situations in this one than in Disney.  And the bad guys were more vile.

I kept being interrupted while I was watching it, so I missed a few things.  But what I didn’t miss was how handsome Peter was, even though he’s just a kid.  I’ve looked up pictures of this kid all grown up and he’s gorgeous.

When he smiled, I went, “Oh, you’re a heartbreaker, aren’t you?”  And the actor was only like, 13 when this was filmed!

I suppose I should give a shout out to Jason Isaacs as well.  His Captain Hook was fabulously evil.  Really, is there any evil villain this guy can’t play?  Between Lucius Malfoy and Captain Hook, he is the stuff of childhood nightmares.  And he’s damn good at what he does.

This version seemed more clever than the Disney one.  It wasn’t afraid to go to the dark side from time to time.  Most of the scenes, I could go, “Oh, I remember this part.”  But some were a bit different.  The danger was greater here than it was in Disney.  I simply must read the book now to see how that plays out.  Probably more like this movie than Disney.

P.S. he’s pretty creepy looking, isn’t he?  But strangely, kind of hot, too.  Oh Jason Isaacs…


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