Water For Elephants

Life is the most spectacular show on Earth.

When I saw this was going to be made into a movie, I really had no desire to see it.  I wasn’t about to read the book given the review my mom gave it (let’s say it was less than stunning).  I mean really, the only reason I would see it would be to see Reese Witherspoon…ok, and yes, R. Pattz.  It’s true.

Jacob’s life was all planned out, but life never quite sticks to the plan.  On the day he was to finish Cornell’s veterinary school, his parents died.  Jacob loses everything he has but the clothes on his back in the middle of the Great Depression.  So he takes to walking the rails and jumps on the first train he sees.  In a twist of fate, he jumps on a circus train and finds work as their vet and trainer.  He has everything he ever really wanted in his life again…until he starts falling for Marlena, the hot-tempered circus owner’s wife.

I liked it more than I thought I would.  I was having a bad day the night I sat down to watch this.  It was nice to focus on someone else’s problems instead of my own.  Cathartic isn’t quite the right word, but close.

Honestly, for the first half hour or so, I could only see RPattz as Edward.  It was a bit awkward.  After a while, though, he developed a different personality from Edward and I picked up on that.  That’s when I began to differentiate the two characters.  It didn’t help that both Edward and Jacob are old-fashioned gentlemen.  It’s not like RPattz went from playing Edward to a druggie or something.

I quite liked the acting in this.  I’ve always enjoyed seeing Reese Witherspoon act.  This was my first encounter with Christoph Waltz and I must say, he’s a dastardly fellow.  Even when I hated him, I liked him.  This does not happen much in current movies and books.  Oh, and props for the elephant’s acting.  That was cool too.

The storyline was more involved that I thought it would be.  I liked it.  Did it blow me away?  No.  But it was interesting and entertaining and dramatic.


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