The Hunger Games

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor.

Do I need to go into why I wanted to see this movie and what it’s about or can I skip that today?  I do believe I’ll skip it and just pretend I did actually give you everything you probably don’t read anyway.

I liked it.  A lot.  It’s not quite love level, but it was very good.

Where do I start?  Well, there were a few things that were different from the book.  I knew about a few from a People or Entertainment Weekly article, I’m not sure which.  Anyway, I knew about some of the changes, but not a few.  A few I think should have been in the movie, but whatever.  I guess it sort of was, but not as clearly as in the book.  I’m not making any sense, am I?

I really liked the actors and actresses.  I know there was a lot of “Oh, is so-and-so really suited for the role?”  But I thought it was really good.  There were moments Jen Lawrence totally nailed Katniss.  There was once I could actually see her shaking.  And while there wasn’t much of Gale, Liam totally nailed the part.  I was this close to changing my mind from Team Peeta to Team Gale.  Yet I restrained myself.

That’s the next thing: Peeta/Josh Hutcherson.  I will talk about both.  Now, I was really unsure about him.  I mean, he seemed alright in the previews, but he didn’t ooze Peeta like Jen oozed Katniss.  (That sounds really gross, my apologies.)  Do you see what I mean?  There wasn’t a lot of Peeta personality in the previews.  But my God, did he play the part well.  He’s charming and subtly charismatic.  I was always drawn to him.  Seriously, holy crap!  There’s one Peeta you’ll see in the interview with Caesar Flickerman (which was so charming) and one you see with Katniss and in the arena.  Everything, to me, screamed Peeta.  And I loved it all.

Is it awful of me to say that Peeta was my main reason for wanting to see this movie in the first place?  Don’t get me wrong, I adored the series.  It’s amazing.  And I knew I was going to see it regardless of all that.  But Peeta is almost the soul of the story, if Katniss is the heart.  The two are so different and yet so similar.  And Peeta’s so self-sacrificing it’s humbling.

I was grateful there wasn’t much shown violence in this.  There was, absolutely, but not to the extent it could have been.  I’m a squeamish person, so I’m not a fan of large amounts of blood shed. Even some of it that was there was nearly too much for me to look at.  But honestly, it wasn’t much at all.

I kid you not, I was shaking the whole time I watched the movie.  I was anxious, nervous that things weren’t going to live up to my expectations.  I was excited for certain scenes I was really hoping would be amazingly awesome (ahem, the cave, for example, or Peeta’s interview with Flickerman).  Once, I totally grabbed my brother’s arm and shook him.  He didn’t appreciate that.

I think it completely lives up to the hype, but my brother disagreed.  So make up your own mind after you see it.


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