First Lines: The first time I died, I didn’t see God.  No light at the end of the tunnel.  No haloed angels.  No dead grandparents.  To be fair, I probably wasn’t a solid shoo-in for heaven.  But, honestly, I kind of assumed I’d make the cut.

I have 4 new books in my possession.  To say I’m excited would be an understatement.  It’s fantastic when my library gets in new books and separates them from the rest of them.  I love just being able to pop in and see what’s new.  And this was one I just had to grab when I saw it on the shelf.

Eleven minutes changed Delaney Maxwell’s life.  For eleven minutes, she was trapped under the ice at a local lake until her best friend Decker pulled her out.  And in those eleven minutes, Delaney died.  But somehow, she survived.  Now, everyone wants Delaney to be the same girl she was before, but she doesn’t feel like that’s her anymore.  Strange sensations make her brain itch and her hands shake for no reason.  Oh, and Delaney is drawn to the dying like a magnet.  Troy Varga is a boy who went through sometime similar to Delaney and has the same ability.  But is this ability really a gift or a curse?  And is Delaney really the miracle everyone is making her out to be or the freak of nature she feels like?

There was a lot of depth in this book.  I was surprised.  I thought it would focus more on the ability to sense people dying, but it really didn’t.  I mean, it was definitely part of the plot, but it wasn’t as big a part as I was expecting.  It really focused on Delaney’s struggles with returning to normal life after a life-changing accident.

The characters were all pretty great.  Delaney has this insane depth to her.  There’s so much about her that is in agony and is grieving, but no one really sees how much she’s hurting because they’re too relieved she’s still alive.  I mean, do we really think about what it’s like for survivors like this?  I don’t.  But now I certainly will.

Other characters.  Decker.  Such a sweetheart.  I fell for him about as hard as I fell for Peeta.  Delaney sees him so well, but at the same time, she doesn’t.  It’s an interesting contradiction.  (If you’ve read this or plan on reading this, may I also suggest you take a look at the 28 page short story of those eleven minutes from Decker’s POV?  You have to pay in the form of a tweet or a Facebook post, but c’mon.  That’s nothing.)

I felt like there was a lot of character growth in this story and that made me super happy, especially since it’s so short (260 pages).  Megan Miranda is definitely being added to my watch list.  I expect more great things from her in the future.


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