Scrubs Seasons 1-8

Scrubs is the only good thing that came out of the year I spent living with my last roommate.  It was not a good relationship, to say the least.  But she did watch a lot of Scrubs, so I got hooked when I saw how funny it was and how it was on Netflix.

Scrubs begins by focusing on J.D., or Dr. John Dorian.  In the early seasons, J.D. is just a med student interning at Sacred Heart Hospital.  He wants to be a doctor (obviously).  J.D. frequently becomes engrossed in odd and sometimes disturbing fantasies based off something someone has said.  It’s always highly entertaining, don’t get me wrong.  I love when J.D. cocks his head to the side just a little and gets this thoughtful look on his face.  Then right after the fantasy, he says something ridiculous in response to what he saw, but no one else understands.  But that’s J.D.  He’s my favorite character…most of the time.  We’ll get to that, though.  Nearly every episode is narrated by J.D. and it almost always ends with some kind of life fact.  I tell you what, this show has some of the best advice in it.  I’ve written down a number of quotes.

Christopher Turk (aka Turk, Chocolate Bear, and Turkleton) is J.D.’s best friend.  They were roommates in college and med school and have this incredibly close bond.  Sometimes, others make comments about it being a gay relationship because of things J.D. and Turk do together.  Turk is interning to be a surgeon in the early seasons.  Surgeons and doctors aren’t supposed to be friends because, as the doctors see it, surgeons are like the jocks.  They are only interested in cutting people open.  Regardless, those two are the best of friends and it’s always great to see them together.

Carla Espinoza is a nurse at Sacred Heart when J.D. and Turk begin interning there.  She frequently looks after the interns and helps them fix their mistakes.  Turk develops a crush on her early on, but she keeps shooting him down.  Carla is like the mother bear of the hospital.  She loves to boss people around and give them advice.  She is just about the only person in the hospital that Dr. Cox will listen to.

Elliot Reid is another med student intern at Sacred Heart in J.D.’s class.  She often gets put down or challenged because she is a female trying to become a doctor in a male dominated work place.  Some of the doctors and patients think she’s a nurse or better suited as a nurse, and that sets Elliot off.  She struggles a lot with her self-confidence because of her overly demanding parents.  Elliot’s a sweet girl, but she’s also sort of that stereotypical female character who loves shopping, is flighty, and talks too much.  J.D. develops a crush on her early on, but the two really hit it off as friends.  The show is almost as much about her as it is about J.D. sometimes because of their friendship and J.D.’s reaction to the men Elliot parades past him.

Dr. Cox is my second (and sometimes first) favorite character.  He’s the most sarcastic of all the characters and I very much enjoy that.  He’s usually the doctor that is stuck teaching the interns, but he has no patience for it.  J.D. sees him as a father figure, but Dr. Cox scorns that notion.  He is almost the exact opposite of J.D. personality wise.  Where J.D. is very touchy, Dr. Cox is a pitbull and will bite your hand off if you try to so much as poke him.  Dr. Cox calls J.D. all sorts of women’s names like Leslie and Rebecca when he’s mad at him and trying to teach him a lesson.  Dr. Cox’s rants are famous as Sacred Heart and are usually accompanied by a whistle to get the person’s attention and the elongation of vowel sounds in his speeches.  Ironically, Dr. Cox is probably the best doctor at the hospital and he knows it.  He pushes others to be as good as him in his own way.  He’s really a great teacher.

The minor characters really make the show, I think.  There’s Jordan, Dr. Cox’s ex-wife, who is just as sarcastic as Dr. Cox and will tell you to your face how much she doesn’t like you.  There’s the Janitor, who loves to mess with J.D. and play all kinds of pranks on him.  There’s Todd, the perverted and implied stupid surgeon.  Todd is a fan of dirty jokes and high fives.  There’s Dr. Kelso, the head of Sacred Heart, who constantly fights with Dr. Cox.  There’s poor Ted, the hospital’s lawyer that is used by Dr. Kelso as a gofer.

There are just so many minor characters that are insanely quirky and I love it.  Murphy, Lloyd, Cabbage, Jack, Kim, Dan, Ben (played by Brendan Frasier), Danni, Dr. Clock, Denise, Hooch, Josephine, Snoop Dog Intern.  This show is just awesome.

There are technically 9 seasons of Scrubs, but I recommend stopping after 8.  The show officially ended at season 8, then they revived it and it’s just not the same.  I think there’s a year gap in between the seasons and the stars quickly leave when they realize it’s a sinking ship.  So to save yourself, I recommend not watching that season.




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