Shooting Stars

First Lines: I crouch behind some thick green shrubbery to do my final check.  Sunglasses camera, check.  Fake iPod camera, check.  Real camera (I pat my backpack to make sure), check.

While having a hard time getting into one book (to the point where I didn’t read for about 3 days. Gasp), I decided maybe I just needed to read something else and kind of start over. This was the book I chose (mostly because it’s the shortest of the three I had to pick from). And it was kind of cute and fluffy.

Josephine Foster is not your average LA teenager.  She’s a paparazza, a female paparazzo.  She earns her money by taking pictures of the stars that most of the regular paparazzi can’t manage to get.  This makes her in high demand for a number of jobs with big dollar signs.  The biggest job Jo’s ever been offered sends her to a treatment resort in Boston where one of the hottest teenage stars is recovering from an unknown issue.  It’s Jo’s job to get the pics discretely.  But what happens when that hot celebrity is Ned Hartnett, the only celebrity that’s ever been nice to her?  Can Jo follow through on her job?

It plays out a lot like a rom-com. Jo lives in LA where she takes pictures of celebrities for quite a bit of money. Only one celebrity has ever been nice to her and that was Ned Hartnett. Now, she’s being hired to take pictures of him at a “retreat” where he’s being treated for something unknown.

Jo is very snarky, something I really appreciated. It’s always more fun when the characters can see the irony in their situations. The story is pretty interesting while Jo’s on her mission. It’s funny and somewhat deep, but still fluffy and cute.

Yes, there is an insane amount of luck in the story. Like Jo happens to be picked for just about the only job she’d ever regret doing. And Ned happens to be really nice to her. And more things that I can’t say without spoiling things. But it’s like a rom-com, as I said. We read these fluffy books for the happy endings, not to read something that could have happened in our world. We’re reading to escape that. Or at least I know I am.

So while some slam it for being too fluffy or whatever, I just want to say that yes, it is fluffy and unrealistic, but it’s still a cute and easy read. If you’re a fan of rom-coms like Raise Your Voice (starring Hilary Duff), then you’ll probably like this.


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