The Last Echo (The Body Finder, #3)

First Lines: Violet strained, searching for the sensation through the suffocating blackness.  It wasn’t the kind of thing she could see or hear, making it all the more difficult to pinpoint.  She didn’t know how exactly to describe what was leading her–pulling her.

Look at me, being all timely!  I finished this an hour ago and here I am, posting its review!  I’ve turned over a new leaf!…ok, not really.  I just wanted to get all of my reviews (I review on Goodreads as well) up before I started the next book and got things mixed up.

*Hey, this is the 3rd in the series.  Potential series spoilers ahead*

Violet has been able to sense the echoes of the dead all her life.  Now that she’s working with a secret FBI group, she hopes she can help even more people by stopping killers before they take more lives.  But things still aren’t the way Violet wants them.  It’s hard for Violet to be open about her abilities after years of hiding them from everyone.  And there’s also Rafe, her mysterious partner who has this strange, strong connection with her that neither of them understand.  This makes Jay, her boyfriend, jealous.  Oh, and there happens to be a killer on the loose nicknamed “the collector” that has been killing college aged girls…and Violet’s caught his eye.

As usual, it’s a really good murder mystery.  I used to read only murder mysteries, but I’ve gotten away from them in the past 3-4 years.  I actually felt kind of dirty reading the killer’s thoughts in this one.  I forgot how creepy and delusional these killers can be.

What I really liked about this book was Violet’s growth as a character.  She had to make her own tough decisions in this one and she had to fight for things she wanted.  I’m always a fan of personal growth in characters.

The series is getting a little weirder with its almost-but-not-really love triangle thing it has going on.  Jay and Violet are totally happy together, but where does Rafe fit in to things?  Violet can’t forget that he’s saved her life.  They have a strong bond, but is it strong enough to overcome her bond with Jay?

I didn’t think there was as much action in this one as there was in the others.  I could be wrong, though; it’s been a while since I’ve read the first two.  And the action that was in this one tended to feel a little fake.  At this point, we’ve sort of already tapped out all of the realistic trouble Violet could get into.  That’s my only critique of this.

Overall, still a good book in the series.  I really wanted to find out who the killer was and learn more about Violet’s new friends.  And also seem more moments with her and Jay.


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