Midnight In Paris

So, I had an American Literature class this past semester and the professor constantly bashed the representation of historical characters in this movie.  And since I hadn’t seen it, I didn’t know what she was talking about (honestly, I still don’t, but that’s besides the point).  I had wanted to see it because it looked sort of mysterious and, of course, I’m a fan of both Owen and Rachel.

Gil is a Hollywood screenwriter who is no longer satisfied in his job.  He wants to be a novelist in Paris like his idols, much to the chagrin of his fiance, Inez.  She just wants him to keep making the big bucks and stay in Malibu.  On a dark night at midnight, Gil happened to be out walking when he’s swept away in the world of Paris in the 1920s.  These midnight walks are a great source of inspiration for him, but they take him further and further away from his fiance.  Can they survive this?

Honestly, I’m glad I had that American Lit class before I watched this.  It was great to have the background I did on Hemingway and Stein, two famous writers that Gil meets.  I knew their history as soon as I saw them, which made some of Gil’s jokes or comments easier to understand.  Those who have no real background in this will likely still enjoy it, but you’ll probably struggle a little to keep up.

I thought the characters were odd.  Gil is Romantic (re: nostalgic) to the extreme.  And he’s nostalgic for a time period he’s never been to!  He was obsessed with it and that just seemed…weird.  Inez was very pushy and demanding in ways that made her seem like a total b***h, but in this suave way where you could still imagine yourself being friends with her.  Clever, but again, odd.  I still can’t see what Gil fell in love with about her.

There didn’t seem to be a whole lot of action taking place either.  I got bogged down.  I kept watching the clock, seeing how much more of this movie I had to go.  As one of my friends would say, it did not pass The Watch Test (wristwatch).  If you have to keep checking the time, it’s obviously not holding your interest.

Anyway, it’s an alright story.  Not fabulous and nothing really stood out, but not terrible.  It was still pretty funny to see Gil get thrown into the 20s and see him fumble over meeting his idols.


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