The Vow

I have finally seen this.  I’ve wanted to see it since it came out in theaters, but my schedule just didn’t work that way between school and stuff.  Then it was too late to see it in theaters, so I had to wait for the DVD.  My mom and I tend to be big romance movie fans, me especially when either of these two are in it.

Leo and Paige are a perfect, if quirky, couple.  They fell in love, they got married, and they lived happily ever after…until one winter’s night when their car was hit from behind and Paige flew through the windshield.  Now she can’t remember the last five years and doesn’t recognize her husband’s face.  Leo, heartbroken and helpless, does what he can to help her.  But what can you do when your wife doesn’t remember you and her parents, who have never liked you, are doing all they can to separate you two?

Pretty much all I’d ever heard about this movie from others was that the ending sucked.  I thought I’d mention it now, but I won’t talk about it just yet.

Yes, I’m biased.  I’m fans of both the very sexy Channing Tatum and the gorgeous Rachel McAdams.  I thought Channing did a good job playing Leo.  He looked thoroughly heartbroken, frustrated, and helpless at times.  It was easy to see how he thought he was helping her and easy to see why she sometimes didn’t see it that way.  You can kind of see things from both sides.

I thought the love story itself was cute.  How they fell in love the first time and everything, and then how Leo tries to make her fall in love with him again.  It was just cute.

Now about this ending.  I actually liked it.  It doesn’t wrap up like a fairy tale, with the couple riding off into the sunset together.  It actually ends like you would sort of expect if you took a snapshot of someone’s life.  Which is kind of what this is, since it’s based on a real story.  So in that respect, I thought it fit.  Would I have liked the sunset and happy ending?  Of course.  I’m a Disney princess at heart.  But realistically?  Life isn’t like that, so why must every movie end that way?

Overall, it was pretty good.  No, it wasn’t perfect and it’s not this cutesy rom-com.  It’s more real.  It has more emotion.  And more flaws because of it.  But I applaud the effort wholeheartedly.


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