Black Dawn (Morganville Vampires, #12)

First Lines: It would have been better if he’d screamed.

I love this series.  Can I just say that and have that be the end of the review? … I guess not.

*WARNING!  SERIES SPOILERS AHEAD!*  Hello, this is book 12.

Life in Morganville has never been anything close to resembling normal.  But now, what was “normal” seems like a fantasy.  The draug, a vampire’s only natural enemy, have invaded Morganville intent on killing all the vampires.  And they have no qualms about killing humans, as Claire has seen first hand. As usual, Claire and her friends have to try to bring order back to Morganville…and without Amelie’s help this time.  Can they defeat the draug, save the vampires, and manage to all stay alive?

I just love the characters.  They all have such distinct personalities.  I’m a little biased toward Claire because there are so many things I think I have in common with her, but I’m also a big fan of the other three.  I love Shane’s snarky comments and his soft side.  I thought he had some great character development in this one.  Michael is just a sweetheart, through and through.  And Eve, she’s determined and sarcastic and incredibly vulnerable.  I love them all.

It could just be me, but I’ve thought the last two books have upped the danger to a new level.  They’ve all been dangerous, don’t get me wrong, but the stakes almost seem higher now.  The infrastructure that Amelie built is falling to pieces and bringing chaos one step closer to their door.  And it’s bringing one heck of a story with it.

The chapters are all told from rotating points of view.  The majority is still told by Claire like normal, but it does jump to her friends and even a few surprise narrators as well.  I do enjoy Claire’s narration better than the others, though.  It would really drag on with some of the others, even Shane, sadly.  I’d suffer through the chapter just to get to a part from Claire’s perspective.  Ok, it wasn’t “suffer” so much as, “Alright, I guess [enter name here] can tell the story alright, just not as well as Claire.”

Overall, though, it’s the same kind of book we’ve been reading in this series.  Action, friendship, a dash of romance, lots of fear, and even a few crazy “WTF was that?!” moments.  Those usually involve Myrnin, as per usual.


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