First Lines: Man there is nothing on to watch tonight, I think as I click the channel up button on the remote for what feels like the millionth time.  Nothing that a human would like at least.

About a week and a half ago (creeping on two weeks now), the author contacted me and gave me the opportunity to read and review this for her.  And given the premise, I was intrigued and, obviously, accepted.

Juniper’s world has never really been normal.  It’s ruled by vampires and she’s considered a freak just because she’s human.  Being human means that her choices of careers and options in general are severely limited.  In an attempt to change their standing, her parents sign their family up to be part of a reality TV show so that vampires can see how humans actually live.  But is the fame really worth it?  How long can Juniper remain in the spotlight?

Given the premise (vampires + reality TV?  sweet!), I was disappointed in the way the story was carried out.  It was different than I imagined it would be.

One of my biggest issues with the story was that I had a hard time connecting with the characters.  Even though I agreed with Juniper’s emotional reactions to reality TV and how things were being handled, I just couldn’t make myself like her.  Or her friends.  Or her family.

Something also felt off with the timeline of the story.  About halfway through it, I started keeping track.  She declares her love for another character approximately three days after meeting him.  And not just like “Hey, you’re cute, I think I may love you,” but more like Romeo-and-Juliet “I give you my undying love and I will lay down my life for you” love.  It was a little disturbing for me considering three days after I meet someone, even a really hot guy, I’m still saying, “Hey, you wanna like, hang out sometime?  Here’s my phone number.  Text me.”  Certainly not love.

I think that in general, the story just missed its mark.  The writing felt rushed and hurried, which didn’t help anything.  There wasn’t even as much about the TV show as I expected there to be.  There was a plot line involved that I really didn’t see as being relevant to the story either.

Now don’t get me wrong, the book wasn’t a complete wash.  From about 60%-80% in my ebook, I was actually quite taken with the story.  There was a character introduced that brought a new suspense to the story and created an air of mystery while we tried to figure out if he/she was good or bad.  That definitely added a spice to the story.

While I wasn’t necessarily a fan of the story, I didn’t think it was terrible either.


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