Uncommon Criminals (Heist Society, #2)

First Lines: Moscow can be a cold, hard place in winter.  But the big old house on Tverskoy Boulevard had always seemed immune to these particular facts, the way that it had seemed immune to many things throughout the years.

I think this has been sitting on my shelf for…6 months maybe?  I’m really bad about reading my own books during the school year, since they sit on my shelves at home and I’m 90 miles away at school…  But hey, I did finally read it.

Kat Bishop is one of the world’s best thieves.  She was raised into it, doing her first job at age 3.  But now, Kat’s in a little over her head. She’s hired to steal back the famous Cleopatra Emerald, which hasn’t been seen by the public in over thirty years.  It’s virtually impossible to steal given the incredible amount of security its given…and it doesn’t help that Uncle Eddie has in no uncertain terms forbidden anyone in the family from trying to take it.  The Emerald is rumored to be cursed and bring extremely bad luck to anyone who touches it.  Kat’s going to bend and break a few rules while she and the crew go around the world chasing the Emerald.  But how long until something goes wrong?  How long can Kat handle things on her own?

I’m always impressed with the complexity of these novels.  It’s very shrewd and cunning.  Remember the other day when I was complaining about how American TV never seems to have shows that are as intricate as Sherlock?  Well, we may not have the TV shows, but there are certainly books that are just as clever as Sherlock.

I liked the themes the story covered that didn’t have to do with the heist.  Things about friendship, love, and responsibilities are always just great.  It makes the story feel more real and gives you more of a way to relate to characters.  I certainly have never tried to pull off a high-stakes heist.  I always have a hard time understanding some of the security points and technology lingo they throw into the story, so these other themes keep me interested.  Ok, so that’s a semi-lie.  I’m already interested because of the heists.

The characters have grown since the last book as well.  Kat is more complex than she was last time, as are her friends and family.  And Hale…*ahem*…Imma go drool in the corner over here.  That boy is just incredible.  Where can I find one?

Quite stunning in terms of its complexities.  I pride myself in usually being able to figure out what will happen before it does and I had a hard time doing that with this one.  Deserves an A for creativity and plot twists.


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